Sudip Sinha, ICE Coach by Passion and Hobby

Helping You to grow with your best


Personal Life Coaching

A mindful journey towards self transformation – good to great, ordinary to extra ordinary towards your excellence.

Personal Life Coaching

Life is easy to live yet, difficult if not taken care of properly. We guide you to achieve your dreams in shortest time.

Career Building

Building a career cannot be left for a chance. You need mentoring at the start, in the middle of your career.

Goal Setting

We will help you to set SMARTIES goal towards your purposeful life journey with unique tools.

Relationship Coaching

You will find life transforming technique to make your relationship strong by setting correct expectation.

Stress Management

You will learn the art to convert your stress as best friend

Career Advice

Make yourself more employable and long term success 

What is ICE Training ?

ICE is Inner Capability Enrichment through Incredibly Committed for Excellence. Life Transformation through NLP and Spirituality for better & Inspiring tomorrow. ICE will provide set of tools and techniques to discover your potential and achieve your dream for long term success and wellness.

ICE coach will help you to define your purpose and goals in life, make strategic planning, outcome driven action within the timeline and do self audit to ensure you are on the right track. ICE training will help you to grow as a high performing individual and balance your success and wellness for long term sustainability.

Benefit of ICE Training will include enhancement of memory Power, learning ability, power of Focus, Concentration, art of

self control, quicker decision making skill, Creativity Enhancement,  and Spiritual Connect.

If you think and act something new today, it will protect you tomorrow.

1. Have a great Memory

ICE training will provide latest tools and technique for expanding your ability to learn fast, remember long and balanace your creativity and logical thinking pattern.

2.Have a great Mind power

ICE training will provide you unique tools to become positive and mindful. Your outlook towards life will be changed and you will learn to convert challenges into opportunity for bright future/

3. Have a great Health

ICE Training will boost your mind uniquely to enable you to achieve your wellness through changing your pattern of thinking and belief system. You will come out from legacy and enjoy success and wellness.

4. Have a great Relationship

Every relationship has to be cultivated and cultured with care to make it boom. Be it parenting, be it family relationship, be it customer relationship, be it student teacher relationship in every angle it should be a focused
positive development to make it growing. Learn and apply the art of relationship for your inspiring tomorrow.

5. Have a great successful life

Your success, sustainable growth is dependent on your skill of handling situation, your art of inner control and capability  upliftment to creatively, uniquely respond to the situation to make difference. ICE training will enable to look life differently to make you a consistent winner.

About Me


Team ICE Coach

Sudip Sinha, ICE Coach,  having 10 Years experience as Motivational speaking, Mind Training, Memory Power Enhancement and Wellness Guru. With the unique delivery model 

Over 2000 People got enlightened. 20 Years Experience in Information Technology Management and Cyber Security.

My Study

– Mindfulness Practitioner cum Life Coach 

– Your ICE Coach Chandramallika Sinha Mitra, ICE Coach, creative writer, artist, Tutor.

– Doctorate in Management Studies with IT Entrepreneurship as specialization

– Master in Computer Application (MCA)

– B.Ed

– NLP Wellness Coach

– NLP Master Practitioner cum Coach

– NLP Memory Trainer with Effective Parenting

– NLP Wealth Management Coach

– Energy Management with Reiki and Pranic Healing

– Mudra Healing and Yoga with Meditation

– Undergoing PhD


“Its mind blowing unique experience, NLP should be included in every study.”

“Very impactful, Relaxing, Igniting us deeply.”

“The tools are awesome, techniques have long lasting effect. Beyond my expectation, motivating and inspiring.”

“Just Fatafati Experience.”

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