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Frequently Asked

How will ICE Coaching help me?

ICE Coaching will help to define your goal, making strategy, assess risk, plan for execution to achieve your goal. It will enlighten you to develop confidence by converting your knowledge into wisdom, having disciplined and focus approach for life fulfilment.


How can I get enlightened?

You can listen to the video, refer blog even contribute actively in your idea sharing in the social media platform. You can join us in workshop, on site training for interactive training. You can purchase online modules/eBook for knowledge enhancement.


Can I become an ICE Coach?

Since ICE is developed based on modern management tools and techniques for Inner Capability Enrichment for achieving excellence, you can learn and tech people, guide them to achieve their success and wellness being active ICE coach and contribute.


What are the areas ICE Coaching will cover?

ICE coaching covers memory power enhancement, Confidence building, Performance enhancement, Self-control, Wellness, Wealth Management, Developing positive mindset, creativity enhancement, Effective communication, stress reduction, Failure management.

What is the main theme of ICE Coaching?

You have got all the resources within you to make your life beautiful being happy, healthy and successful. You need to be aware of internal system and rejuvenate them to make you well prepared to win over the external situation being mindful.



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