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Course Offer

1. ICE Training for Wellness Mastery

Anxiety, Depression, setback are the biggest issues across the globe. Common human being is completely unaware that they have healing power within. If they change the

direction of their thinking pattern, limiting self belief then they can increase the probability of changing their destiny in life. Until you are fit and fine physically and mentally

you can not give your full energy to your action to achieve your goal. ICE training for wellness is a habit breaking course which will uplift your health by bringing positive change

in your mind and body.

2. ICE Training for Success & Peak Performance

Success is not one time journey to achieve the desired outcome. It is a continuous process to achieve the milestones consistently. ICE training for Success and Peak Performance

will provide sets of management tools so that you can understand why goal is important to you and align all of your resources with plan B readiness so that you can lead your life

on your timeline to create better future and ensure sustainable growth.

3. ICE Training for Better Learning and Great Memory

People who has got ability to learn quickly and recall stored information fast as they need it, always get competitive advantage. Biggest issue in student segment how to

bring interest and focus and retain the memory. This training module will help to discover your learning style and align modern technique for long term memory management.

4. ICE Training for Industry Readiness Mastery

There is considerable amount of Gap between a student who is ready to join the industry and what industry needs from candidate. This course will bridge the Gap and empower

students with their inner capability enhancement so that they can be successful in the interview, GD and crack the exams easily. They will be aligned with success mantra by

masters which will enable them to follow sets of best practice guidelines to be a leader in the industry.

5. ICE Training for Mudra Wellness

This course will emphasized on the “Mudra” power of your fingers to achieve your wellness, greater focus which are the essential elements for your successful life journey.

Different Mudras will be discussed in simple language to learn and practice for self transformation.

6. ICE Training for Effective Parenting

As a parent it is essential to become best friend of your child and best director of their future. Effective parenting with positive mindset and risk assessment can provide better

friendly relationship as the key enabler for their positive growth in life. In this module different tools will be discussed for careful relationship with your child.

7. ICE Training for Wealth Management

All are having income but they fail to create wealth for long term benefit. If you care your money today, that will care you in the future. Modern management techniques will

be discussed to change your mindset about wealth creation and expanding visualization and strategic action for secure future.

8. ICE Training for Preparation Excellence

Preparation is the key for perfection. Practice is the key enabler for making the outcome more polished. In this module best practice guideline will be discussed for preparation excellence

to achieve successful outcome for any assignment in life.

9. ICE Training for Business Success

This module will help you to break your conventional thinking pattern for business and expand your focus, creativity and strategy for long term business growth.

10. Recharge yourself with ICE

This module is having unique structure for Atma Shaktir Jagoron and Spiritual connect. Tools and Techniques will be discussed for better health, wealth, relationship and memory.

This course will install script in your subconscious mind for rich mindset which will help you to change outlook of your life for better tomorrow.

How ICE training will add value to your life.

Lets say you are in Position A. Your dream is to go to Position B. You know what you want but you are unable to get there, you try and fail. Keep on failing and you become

dissatisfied and lastly you change your direction with lots of excuses of no money, no time, not having good health, no one is supporting you and blame to your ill luck. Thus

gradually negative belief starts controlling you, your self esteem comes down. Society start looking at you differently and they pass different comments.

ICE can provide you clarity on your dream destiny, help you to define your strategy, action plan with Plan B and Plan C. ICE will help you to define your timeline of success.

Make you aware what are the resources require to achieve your milestones and what are risk mitigation approach you need to consider in your life journey. Also ICE will make

you confident aligning your inner capability with your positive mind mapping so that you can enjoy your life in the fullest being a real winner.

“People are accepted for High Skill but rejected for Wrong Attitude….”

Learn how to discover your unlimited hidden potential and balance

Your high skill, great will power and winning attitude…..

Common Issues in the Society / Industry –

Many People don’t have goals in life.

Many People don’t have strategy to accomplish their goals.

Many People don’t have robust action plan.

Many People fail in taking responsibilities.

Many People fail to choose and take right decision in right time.

Many People fail to execute their job effectively.

Many People fail to come back strongly after they fail.

Many People fail to overcome their limiting belief.

Many People fail to try once more with positive aspiration.

Many People fail to maintain good relationship.

Many People fail to learn fast and remember longer time.

Many People fail to create wealth though they earn handsome.

Many People fail to handle critical situation in their life.

Many People fail to enjoy their success and wellness together.

…..and as a result,

 they complain they have Bad Luck and life is pain for them.

But under the same set of circumstances, some people make the differences

with same inner capabilities. They make while others simple break..

If you need to boost yourself up in next level,

If you need self transformation for better tomorrow

You need ICE Training !

Inner Capability Enrichment

Learn to live, live to learn..

Self Discovery is a continuous process, passionately you need to explore

the possibilities around you to bring newness to uplift yourself into the next level.

Until you break your legacy comfort zone – it will simply break you !