Your Job

Your job is the greatest source of inspiration that gives you enormous pleasure and with your job day by day you are building your aspiring future. At the same time few people complain that they have job related stress and their mental, physical and emotional help get impacted.

There may be people related or process related issues but you need to follow few best practices and golden rules to convert your job related stress to pleasure and happiness. Few recommended approaches are as follow –

  1. Do what you like to do. Like what you are doing
  • Add creativity to your job to find new things and new way of doing things
  • Respect others point of view to create optimized solution approach
  • Uniquely contribute to get competitive advantage
  • Focus on your learning and development
  • Expand your domain knowledge
  • Build excellent team and enjoy resourcefulness
  • Do your job with honesty, integrity, ecology to avoid inner conflict
  • Wisely invest to secure and protect your future
  1. Win over people by aligning with their goal and earning trust by effective communication and rapport. Whatever job you do it is with the people for the people and by the people.