Success Secret

Based on the recent studies among successful people across the globe, few common practices as been identified as success secret. Summarizing the key points –

  1. Have a dream for your bright future.
  2. Only dream is not enough. Have a self belief that with your capability enhancement you will be able to achieve your dream.
  3. Belief system is not enough, You need to hunt for purpose of your life.
  4. Once purpose is clear – define your identity and focus on “Why” factor of your identity and its real benefit.
  5. Once Purpose and identity is defined, create goal which will be well aligned with your vision and mission of life.
  6. Make a strategy to fulfil your goals.
  7. Chunk down your goal to smaller achievable milestone. Align resources to achieve them within stipulated timeline.
  8. Act on the defined steps with focus and dedication, adapt plan B if you fail on Plan A.
  9. Perform audit to check if you are on right track. Take corrective measures.
  10. Add creativity in your approach for long term success.