Self Control

Are you in Control? Can you Control your emotions, well beings or it is totally dependent on the environmental factors? Do your decision-making abilities get confused by your bad mood? Do you have all of the resources in order or you are suffering from disorder? Do you over react when expectation is not meeting, and things are getting delayed? Do you still snooze your alarm clock and sleep for 5 minutes more in Sunday? Do you have difficulty remembering names of points to be discussed in important meeting? Do you face difficulty if you forget to carry list of items to shop? Are you not as joyful as you were in the school days? If You have any of these, you need to undergo self-control procedure for your rejuvenation for realignment of your body, mind, emotion, spirit and spirituality. Here are top 10 Golden Rule for self-control –

  1. Give time to yourself. Have at least 15 minutes of meditation, deep breath, physical exercise followed by at least 10 minutes of work.
  • Limit your superfast pace of life, slow down and take rest whenever possible.
  • Have little food will greater frequency, when 9th Gulab Jamun will invite you, make a habit to say no.
  • Come out from addictions, limit those with strict discipline.
  • Socialization is important but that is not the everything. Use your smart devices in stipulated time wisely such that it will not become your energy dragger and make you defocused.
  • Have timeout with your family, friend, well-wishers and spend quality time.
  • Depute time for your learning, self-development, memory power enhancement.
  • When mind goes into negative emotions, drag into central point of focus, when self-limiting belief start dragging you down, shut it off, accept the challenge and boost your inner capability to prove your capability is much ahead than your negative belief. Sync your will with your skill to create magic. Discover the magician within yourself.
  • Empower your creative mind which will help to get rid of your stress. Take part in your favorite sports.
  1. Make association with like minded people and connect them spiritually. Respect and pay gratitude to the supreme source of energy for your self restart.