Respect and Expect

Based on Law of attraction, when you expect something, rule is spread that first. If you want to get love, spread love first. If you want to receive respect, give respect to others. Here are top 10 golden rule associated with the law of attraction –

  1. Give respect to yourself. Have a faith on your thought, skill, esteem, ability to execute and intuition. Until self-love is in place how others will love you? How can you love other?
  • Respect to whom you interact. Respect other’s strength, emotion and limitation.
  • Ego is good but not the super ego. Everyone is trying hard to earn money by their unique contribution. Who is helping you, respect and honor their skills and ability?
  • Respect the change that is happening in your external environment. Find the opportunity of advancement and align yourself with your strategic action to get competitive advantage of early adapters.
  • Respect your competitors, discuss, learn how they win and how they lose. Observe their ability to sharpen their skills and will power. Don’t stay away of your competition rather try to do value proposition.
  • Add newness to create unique difference.
  • Respect others view. Do risk assessment and establish your view with risk mitigation approach to have win win opportunity to achieve bigger goal.
  • Respect other’s comfort zone and show them why they will come out from legacy for aspiring future. Thus, your mentoring skills will also get developed.
  • Respect honesty, integrity, discipline and hardworking mindset. If you are the rule maker – show them how to obey the rule first so that people can simply follow.
  1. Respect problem solving mindset. Put your value proposition to enhance quality of problem solving enhanced for speedy resolution and creating habit of working together which is the winning edge.