Rejection Management

Rejection is going to be frustrating. Lets say you propose your idea to your boss, it simply got rejected. You presented your innovative solution to your customer, it not got approved, they did not buy it. It is very natural but at the same time painful and part of failure. But at the same time rejections open up new opportunity to explore. It is not end of the world rather beginning of new journey towards exploration of Plan B approach to sustain. Rejection provides the opportunity for further improvement for better version.

  1. Give more than which is expected for with focused approach, disciplined dedication and desire to serve.
  • Add creativity to your solution so that customer can enjoy the unique benefit.
  • Use experience and refer used case, how others have handled failure situation.
  • Add more value, quality to your solution to create visible difference in customer’s experience.
  • Use the technology to reduce overall cost ownership and simplify by power of automation.
  • Team up with positive skillful people and ask for feedback for enhancement before actual release.
  • Don’t take it personality, explore untouched area.
  • Focus your communication skill, until your solution is well explained how it can simplify the life journey of others, product / services may not get accepted. Use power of good state of mind and wait for
  • Provide free service for pilot scale down version to collect initiation feedback to shape up your concept as full proof solution.
  1. Focus on your existing customer and keep on adding value for new services rather than hunting for new customers. Probability of getting success with partnership of existing customer is much higher than the new customers as your existing customers has got already trust relationship established, explore the magical power of trust and unveil win win benefit to convert your initial rejections into bright possibilities.