Power of Deep Breath

Deep breath is very important for your healthy life. Medical industry has also accepted the benefit of Pranayam which has been practiced since ancient age of Indian culture. It is recommended to have deep breath being practiced in the morning and in the evening to enjoy long term health benefit. Here are top 10 key benefits that you can get practicing it regularly –

  1. It will expand the capacity of lunch to carry more oxygen
  • It is anti-oxidant towards your cells
  • More oxygen to brain will empower the focusing power, concentration, clarity and greater visualization
  • Better movement of your GI track and improved digestion
  • Creativity enhancement and thus level of confidence will be developed
  • Release of Toxic substance from body
  • Reduction of Fat
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Good for heart, controlling your Pulse and Blood Pressure
  1. Memory Power enhancement for fast reading and remember long.