Over Thinking

Power of thought is very important, and it is the basis of creativity, innovation, breaking the legacy and construct something new in term of technology, process, ways of working. But sometime overthinking creates confusion, stress which gets evil impact of our body, mind and emotional state. Can we control our thought? Simple answer is “No”. Speed of thought is very fast, in fraction of seconds it goes to New York then London then Thailand passing through Kolkata etc. We need to focus on our structure of our thinking pattern following below best practice guidelines –

  1. Don’t think negative. Negativity has got no limit, always have aspiring thinking.
  • Make association of people with inspiring mindset, spend quality time with them.
  • Think what else you can do differently.
  • Never too much on your future failure condition that may not be true in reality.
  • Replace your fear with your previous achievements.
  • Don’t think you will be only happening when you will achieve your target, be happy and move on for your target achievement.
  • Do proper risk assessment and think thrice to take realistic decision.
  • Get your thinking pattern validated to your mentor.
  • Don’t share your secret with too many people, it may create confusion and flow of your constructive thinking may be in disorder.
  1. Stay away from energy vampires to have focused thinking and excellent execution of your strategy to achieve your milestones.