New Year Resolution

When new year appears, people keeps themselves busy to construct their new year resolution from Dec mid to Jan Mid. It is always great to have new year resolution but in reality, are your following it year by year? Have you checked what are the elements in the new year which were there couple of years back, but no action was not been taken so far? Following are the best practice guideline for new year resolution-

  1. Define your new year resolution focusing on your goal towards consistent success and wellness.
  • Be honest, passionate and committed to fulfil your list of items during the year.
  • New learning, creativity, health – fitness, communication enhancement, building strong relationship with others etc. should be in your focus area of new year resolution list.
  • Make a strategy how you will achieve your goals and divide them in monthly, weekly and daily timeline.
  • Start with your previous year list, check how far you have achieved the items. Consider the key learning and take innovative and smart approach this year.
  • Check list of items which are being pending for long – such that your physical exercise – the regular habit, time for yourself, quality time to your family, giving time what you love to do and take extra care in the coming year.
  • To have competitive advantage have at least 30 minutes of time per week for your unique learning towards technological advancement in your inter disciplinary domain and case study how difficult situation are being handled across the globe. This habit will expand your maturity and level of confidence and you will easily win over the turbulence phase.
  • Start with your day with gratitude, being thankful and positive affirmation regarding why what and how you are going to achieve. Practice the same while going to bed at night with key learning and planning for next day.
  • Connect socially with the power of technology and try to contribute uniquely to make difference.
  1. Remember new year is the opportunity to improve, go back to basic, Try to have clarity on Who you are, What is your purpose of life and execute your strategic action to fulfil your dream to give you happiness, peace, satisfaction and long term opportunity to grow with positive aspiration.