How to be Self Motivated?

Change is obvious in the external environment. If you can’t take the benefit of the change, don’t adopt the change environment, it may be challenging for you to maintain your positive growth for longer run. Here are top 10 golden rule how to stay focused and self-motivated for your consistent development –

  1. Accept the reality and focus on your strength. Your strength should be sharpened to overcome your weakness and limitations.
  • Have a strong believe that your capabilities are much higher than your challenges. Nothing is permanent, Dark night seems to be very prolonged but when sun rises in the morning, darkness goes off. wait for your time, prepare with your strategic action to create something new.
  • Be creative, explore new things to develop your level of confidence. Start with the harder puzzle first. Take any challenge as your assignment to fulfil within the timeline.
  • Make association with people having positive mindset and who are achieving success consistently. Be a good observer and learn how they handle difficult situation in life.
  • Keep your learning always on, learn new technology, generate new ideas, explore possible options and take effective decision. Remember new opportunities lies in solving difficult problems.
  • Make your goal bigger and inspiring, make “Why” part clear, define your strategy and prepare chunk down actions to achieve the goals within timeline, quality and budget. Make the reason very inspiring that goal will drag you rather you will push yourself forwards towards your goal.
  • Peep into deep how you have achieved difficult milestone recently to regain your level of confidence. Develop your visualization power to traverse your desired journey in the mental level for better risk assessment and corrective actions.
  • Stay away from the energy draggers. Invest your time and energy effectively. Manage your Urgent and Important assignment effectively to get maximum outcome within limited timeline.
  • Refer use cases, case studies and contribute uniquely to remove pain of others or create new solution to enhance the life standard. Contribute more in your specialized areas and get competitive advantages being early adapters.

Count your experience and bank on your hard work, smarter approach to overcome the situations. Pat your back and celebrate for your milestones being achieve for self-rejuvenation.

Sudip Sinha, ICE Coach – NLP Expert