Too much anger has got ripple effect to your body and mind, while little anger and bold nature is helpful to get things done on time if you are about to miss deadline or things are not moving.

Here are top 10 Golden rule for your effective anger management –

1. No one is perfect, always there is an opportunity for further improvement. Nothing is permanent, Darkness of night is getting replaced by next sunny morning.

2. Have a strong belief that you have got all the resources to control your emotional state, enable the resources to get desired result.

No one is perfect

3. Manage your time effectively, expectation mismatch is the greatest cause for your anger. Have a mindful investment of your time for Important and Urgent tasks.

4. Focus on your controllable objects rather than controlling the uncontrollable, sharpen your strength to overcome your limitations.

Have self belief

5. Always have your Plan B and C ready with mock drill.

6. Build your team with people with positive mindset.

Set correct expectation

7. Develop your communication towards excellence, Build your trust. Your transparent communication will set right expectation which will not make your fire of anger to develop.

8. Give time to yourself, deep breath, relaxation through meditation, regular exercise will help to detoxify your body and help to release bad hormones.

Focus on effective communication

9. Have a positive affirmation, 2:4:6 rule will be the winning mantra for your emotional control.

10. Be Hydrated, have healthy diet, love to be loved.

Have Healthy Body and Strong Mind

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Sudip Sinha ICE Coach – NLP Expert