Be Slim and Be Healthy

Obesity has become common issue across the Globe. People are struggling to get slim. Obesity has got other impact to your body. If upper portion of your body is heavy, then it will give extra pressure to your back and knee. Which will impact your wellness and if you are physically not fit, mental confidence will not be super strong thus it will impact your overall performance. Here are top 10 fundamental rule to maintain your body weight –

  1. To get slim, you must have right mindset. Your subconscious mind need to programme to be slim. If you keep on saying I don’t want to be fat – then subconscious mind will take picture of fat man. Rather you must say I want to be slim, happy, healthy, energetic, young, use metaphor to represent in positive way.
  • Eat healthy food, lesser carb, balance diet mixture with protein diet and little fat. Chew very well which will decrease your extra eating habit. You work very hard for eating but if you don’t have time to eat properly – it will create inner conflict.
  • Do physical exercise every day. Regularity is important.
  • Do deep breath, pranayama in your regular morning routine. 1:4 inhale vs exhale ratio. Inhale with fresh oxygen and exhale your toxic substances.
  • Do meditation regularly 100 hours every week with high degree of visualization.
  • Love what you do and do what you love to nullify job related stress. Your stress factor increases your central obesity.
  • Little food (Less spicy) in higher frequency, don’t skip breakfast, have good healthy breakfast every day.
  • Keep your body hydrated every day with sufficient amount of minerals.  
  • Adapt purposeful goal driven journey with self-control to stop and accelerate.
  1. Love to be loved. Come out from your legacy thinking and adapt creative smarter approach to uplift your emotional wellbeing for enjoying life journey being slim.