Sudip Sinha

Life Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Sudip! Your ICE Coach for transformation of Life. Help people to develop self belief of Can do attitude and putting it into practice to achieve the milestone and keep growing with Consistent Success.

My Story

My aspiration to bring positive

Change in human life and help them

to get transformed towards their excellence. You will find yourself as best creator of your life destiny.

Have a vision to grow together and create difference.


* Positive attitude

* Care for Others to bring best out of individuals

* Different way of looking things

* Work together as long term grow enabler

* Use Simple language and example of teaching

* Count the number of satisfied students not the Dollar Income


My Values & Beliefs

Every Human being can

Every human being has got potential power. Due to awareness, lack of training and development the capabilities are not able to come out. We can help you to Epic your performance.

Rich Mindset

Rich Mindset is the art and science to be happy in life. It will help to expand your creativity to break your old pattern of living life and make difference and becoming successful in the life journey.

Control vs uncontrolled

We are part of the universal life force energy, Have a feeling of gratitude on who has created us and helping us to grow with newness and contribution. Whatever we can not control, leave that you the Master Controller.

My Approach

Offer on demand online training, Live Webinar, Workshop, Seminar, awareness session to enlighten mind management

Tools and technical through practical oriented approach and case studies so that Participants can learn the art and science of the topic and apply then in their daily life to create positive change. 

Featured Publications

Wellness Book Series

  • Part 1 – Complete Wellness
  • Part 2 – Black Book of Wellness
  • Part 3 – Wellness Coaching

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